Hi, I'm Marie Groover

Since I was a child, my mother instilled in me a quest for knowledge. Throughout my life, that quest shifted from having knowledge, to knowing wisdom and truth. And now, pulling wisdom from the soul and sharing it is my purpose in this life.

My personal mission statement reads: Marie’s life work is to inspire people to touch the wisdom of their soul, and to share it with the world.

Part of my mission is fulfilled by founding The Corporate Psychic. 

Here, the mission is to align the work that people do in this world (and therefore the life they are living) with soul purpose. We do this by facilitating the experience of soul wisdom and inspiring humans to think deeply about who they are, the life they are living, the work they are doing & the impact of all of this on the world.


wisdom is a profound experience

It is a profound experience to reach the wisdom inside your soul. There is a knowing that you have deep within, and when you hear it spoken to you by someone else, you feel it. A spark is re-ignited and you know exactly what it is that you need to do.

Through psychic readings like Tarot or the Akashic Records, we channel information from your soul to understand whatever it is that you need to know, in the present moment, to expand in this life. Readings offer guidance from daily lessons to soul-level expansion across the real-world problems that we face as humans. 

TCP believes that authentic work is your life, and that there really is no distinction between who you are at home, at work, or in your business. Beyond readings, we offer tailored programs for unlocking your purpose and living your wisdom in success. Remember, when you have an idea, feel the spark of inspiration, hold onto a deep desire or dream – that is spirit. TCP is here to make the spirit work real and tangible so that you can pursue and express your most authentic form in all facets of your life and/or business. 

Discover your Purpose uncovers the mission that you live by, Resume, Storytelling + Interview Prep helps you get there by launching into your dream career, & Align Your Life & Soul is a deep dive into your soul for a full discovery and alignment of who you are and how to live and work in your purpose. 

TCP also believes that spirit is core within the corporate world, the 9-5, and across all forms of businesses – big or small. In fact, we believe that even businesses, buildings and objects have souls & that it’s our responsibility to bring these souls into the world the way they want to be brought forward. Therefore, we offer readings for your team, organization, or company to experience and stay in touch with the wisdom that your business brings to you and the planet.

Because bringing the spiritual to work is so important, we offer all-inclusive Offsite Retreat planning, adding a spiritual or nature component to your team’s offsite agenda. We check off all the necessities like site location, accommodation, food & technology needs while ensuring that your team feels safe to express authentically and in productivity.

Finally, we are all psychic – we all have access to our own soul knowing. Hosting & facilitating individual and community development is close at heart. Our blog and community is dedicated to soul-level growth and expansion for all beings on this planet (and beyond), so that we might all experience the wisdom within.

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