It is a profound experience to reach the
wisdom inside your soul.

There is a knowing that you have deep within, and when you hear it spoken to you by someone else, you feel it. A spark is re-ignited and you know exactly what it is that you need to do.

This is the basis of all work here at The Corporate Psychic (TCP). We offer leadership coaching, team development, career or business-based mentorships, as well as intuitive guidance. 

Our mission is to align the work that people do in this world (and therefore the life they are living) with soul purpose. 

To put it simply, we help people work and live authentically through the integration of all parts of self.

TCP believes that authentic work is your life, and that there really is no distinction between who you are at home, at work, or in your business.  Success is the mastery of living and working in alignment with true self. Leadership is the embodiment of this alignment. 

When you are fully embodied in your leadership, you move confidently from the deep wells of spirit – your inner knowing. Success then follows. 

TCP is here to help illuminate and integrate the deepest parts of yourself, so that you can pursue and express your highest level of success.


Meet our founder, Marie Groover

Since I was a child, my mother instilled in me a quest for knowledge. Throughout my life, that quest shifted from having knowledge, to experiencing wisdom. And now, drawing wisdom from the human experience and sharing it with the world is my purpose. I am here to inspire people to touch the wisdom of their soul, and to share it with the world.”

Marie founded The Corporate Psychic after over a decade of working in corporate tech. She climbed the ladder at one of the largest Fortune 500 companies and sat at the table with executives while working and living authentically. Now as an Integration and Success Coach, Marie helps awaken the soul in business by integrating the deepest desires in human. When Marie isn’t helping entrepreneurs and corporate professionals align their life purpose with their work and career, you’ll find her on The Spiritual 9-5 podcast, surfing, writing poetry, and cooking delicious vegan meals.

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