Align Your Life & Soul

A 16 week series to discover and align with your soul’s purpose on this planet, this is a fully holistic and immersive approach. The curriculum includes accessing your Akashic Records, Tarot, Astrology, Coaching, and Practical Application. The intended outcome is for you to step into your authentic being and honor what you are meant to bring onto this planet: your soul’s purpose.

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If you don’t know your purpose at the end of these 16 weeks, then we will keep working together (at no additional charge) until you do. 

Align Your Life & Soul is a highly customized one-on-one series that blends intuitive work with tangible and programmatic coaching. 

The intention behind this time is to spend 16 weeks together (actually 17-18 weeks if you count the kick off and consult), one on one, deep diving into your soul purpose and how to make that real in this world. We will spend time exploring and working with your guides, learning about YOU deeply through Tarot, the Records, Astrology + Personality testing, and lots of deep Q&A and homework. 

With what we find, we will take tangible steps together to bring this purpose into life (if it’s not already) in the form that you’d like to see it come to fruition. AKA if you want to marry your purpose and your life-work or career, we will work toward that. If you want to monetize your purpose and your work, we can work toward that too. If you just want to understand how better to live and integrate your purpose into your life for fulfillment, we can work here as well. It’s really all up to where you want to take it!

Because of this, this program is very individualized and intensive. We will meet weekly (or bi-weekly, depending on what works best for you) and track progress together. 

Each curriculum is tailored to the individual. In the program’s first week, we get together to outline and agree on your intended outcomes (what you want to get out of this experience) and we make sure that the full program maps to the right milestones to get you to your ideal and intended outcomes – this is the customization part. 

Due to the amount of time required per series, this offering is limited to a max of 3 people at once and is currently full. We are always accepting on a rolling basis and would love to connect. Please fill out the form below to join the waitlist. We’ll be in touch within 48 hours.

Sample Curriculum

Kick off 
Intended Outcomes
Curriculum overview and customization
Scheduling + Payment Plan
Homework Assignment #1

Building Your Why  90 mins

Life Mission Statement (Why // How // What) 
This is a crucial component of every program and is a life-changer. Together we will hone in on your purpose (with your guides + homework) and create your unique mission statement. Then, we outline how you achieve your mission as well as what you offer to the world through it.

Container Building 60 – 90 mins

Together we create a container for you. We will record the time and the final container as a reference and a tool for accountability.

Full Tarot Reading 60 mins

Together with your guides, we will pull a full spread to answer questions and check in.

Astrology Reading with External Reader 30 mins

This will be scheduled external to TCP
Check in, debrief, prep for Akashic Records Reading. 

Akashic Records Reading 60 mins

Here will be your opportunity to ask your guides questions.

Whitespace 60 mins

Q&A, debriefing, adjusting mission statement/why

Dream State 60 mins

What lights you up? / What brings you joy? / What’s fun for you?
Imagine the fullest, most beautiful life possible. What does that look like?

Meditation for Manifestation + Check in 30-60 min

Practical meditation work

PM Your Life 90 mins

Mapping out current state to dream state 
Identifying milestones, risks and blockers 
Make a plan

Connect with the Body + Fun + Check in

Check in movement session

Checking in with Guides – Full Tarot or Akashic Reading

Working with tarot, the akashic records, intuition 
Homework: Try an intuitive practice this week. Journal your experience

Practical Application (weekly 30-90 minute working sessions)

PM your life in action. 
Together in these weeks we will work on your actions, clearing your blockers, and get you moving in a direction toward your dreams.

Closing Ceremony

Next Steps, Send off

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