Authentic Work is Your Life


Authentic work is your life, and there really is no distinction between who you are at home, at work, or in your business. Once you’ve gone through a coaching program or workshop, you are invited to step into 1:1 coaching support on an ongoing, or ad hoc basis. Think of this as integration coaching as you bring your spirit work into your everyday life.

What to Expect

You bring the topics and we consult with your guides + work in an intuitive capacity based on what it is that you need. There is no set number of sessions and no constraints in terms of how we work together – whether that be through spirit, working sessions or deep dive discussion. 


In order to work with TCP in this capacity, you must complete one of the coaching program intensives:

~ Find Your Purpose/Your Undisputed Wisdom ~
~ Align Your Life, or ~
~ Your Soul-Aligned Business ~

This is to ensure that you are clear on your purpose and life’s work, and that you’ve already experienced connecting with Marie in an intuitive coaching capacity.