Coming Home to Extraordinary

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Do you ever feel like you are constantly moving from one thing into the next? Seeking new experiences after new experiences, trying on different skills, looking into different windows & corridors, exploring truths?

Are you on a perpetual mission to find the thing that brings you joy, or takes you to the next level, or the idea that will launch your dream life?

And if you are, do you sometimes feel like you are on the cusp of it? Like what you are doing is close, but not quite, and yet you have no idea what “quite” exactly means or is?

If this resonates at all — I’m with you. I feel you. I get it.

I’ve felt on the cusp of something great, for years.

For years, I’ve been on a ceaseless mission to illuminate what exactly it is that lights me up, that thing that I should be doing, that thing that will engulf me with fulfillment and wild success.

An old friend said to me once, “You are extraordinary. Don’t choose what’s ordinary.”

And I felt it. Or, I felt the CUSP of it. I felt that I was so close, but I didn’t know what extraordinary was. What extraordinary could be.

The truth was — I didn’t yet know how to access the extraordinary within myself.

I didn’t know, because I was looking everywhere else. Despite reflecting, setting goals, prioritizing, following through — I was in a nonstop motion of reaching, seeking, discovering, learning, filling, performing, prioritizing, evolving, and transforming — EVEN when I was looking inward. Which, it is extraordinary — the amount of things that one can accomplish when one is consistently growing. But there is a difference between being busy and being productive, and busy-ness can also mask itself in the look and feel of productivity — the accomplishments and impact galore.

While I was in cycle after cycle of massive growth and transformation, of knowing myself deeper and deeper, of interacting with the world more and more peacefully and with ease — I still didn’t feel any closer to knowing what the fuck I was here on this planet to do.

I didn’t KNOW what made ME extraordinary — what I was supposed to be dedicating myself to. Where I was meant to go.

Then, I stopped reaching and allowed myself to settle in — into the person that I had become. Into the life that I built that I really loved (still love). Into the things that truly brought me joy and away from the things that felt like obligations. I allowed myself to just be in whatever was. I stopped making plans — I stopped planning completely, I stopped saying yes if I didn’t mean yes. And I didn’t share what I was doing, or explain myself — to anyone. Not even my partner.

Let me tell you, for someone on a path of constant growth and development, travel and big life experiences, it feels really scary to “settle down”. For this type of person, to be non-moving, stuck or stagnant is not an option.

And yet, sometimes when we stop looking for the thing that we spent hours, days, months, years, lifetimes trying to find — it presents itself in a way that was so obvious that we have to question what we were looking for all along. We also find that every single moment that lead to this one, had to have happened for the lightbulb to flicker on.

That’s what happened for me. In 2021, I didn’t find that thing — I didn’t discover my purpose. I already knew my purpose. In 2021, I allowed myself to start living it. And everything shifted into place.

But not because I forced it. Not because I chose one path over the other. Not because of any rearranging that I did within my own life. I learned that we don’t have to choose — that we can have and be every single thing that we want.

Prioritization is a temporary hierarchy of what we think is important right now. But, in the long run, we don’t have to commit to one thing or one path forever. In fact, we don’t even have to commit to one thing or one path to move forward.

We don’t have to search for it, reach for it, look for it, seek it — that thing that is outside of us, feeling like the cusp of us, enticing us to try one more time to find and commit to ONE THING that will be the solution and propulsion of our lives accumulated.

It’s not a job. It’s not a passion. It’s not a place. It’s not an idea.

It’s you. It’s ALL of you, coming together in your authentic and unique being. That’s what transforms your life from ordinary to extraordinary. That’s the root and basis for all the success, fulfillment, joy, and eudaimonia that one could possibly seek.

And that’s what I’m inviting you into in 2022. Gone are the days of choosing one thing that doesn’t even exist within us. This is the year that we expand in the presence of who we are, in the connection & depth & integration with ourselves. This is the year that we realize the extraordinary. This year, we are coming home.

If you want to walk with me on this journey, I invite you to join our community — TCP Community & Courses on Mighty Networks, follow TCP on Instagram at @TheCorpPsychic, or go big and sign up for a course or mentorship container. If you’re curious, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here and connecting with you is one of the great joys of my existence.

big gratitude,
big love,



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