Corporate Offerings

Bring the spiritual to work through corporate readings & offsite retreats. Receive a reading for your team, business unit, or company. Or, incorporate TCP in your next team offsite through full-service planning, complete with spiritual component(s) to bring the team closer than they have ever been.

Akashic Records Readings for your team, organization, or company. Just like you are able to access the Akashic Records of your soul, you are also able to access the records for the soul of your business  – yes, businesses (and even buildings) have souls. Together we can do this at the team, organization, or business level. 

corporate retreats

Planning a corporate offsite can be a heavy lift – especially when you add travel to the mix. This is an all-inclusive, full-service corporate offsite retreat where the work agenda is intermixed with spiritual practice, surfing (or other outdoor activity), fresh foods, and reflection. From the agenda to sites and accommodation, we take care of it all.

This offsite can be local to you or can include an international travel plan. Because everything is customized, prices vary in accordance with your budget and requirements.

corporate offerings pricing

Please reach out to schedule your corporate reading or plan your retreat using the contact form below. Corporate retreat pricing varies in accordance with your budget and requirements

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