discover your purpose


Your undisputed wisdom is the purpose & truth of your soul in this life. It is why you are here. It is how you fulfill your why. It is what enables you to achieve all of your dreams and successes in this lifetime.

It is intuitive honing & aligned action with clarity. 

It is your North Star. 

What to Expect

To clarify your north star, we created: Your Undisputed Wisdom, a seven week collective experience to get to the root of your soul through group mentorship and guidance. You can think of this program as the foundation for your life as it will absolutely leave you connected with your soul’s purpose & intuitive pathway. 

This program is the basis for all of the other mentorship containers at TCP and it looks like this:

Which Package is for me?


In this experience, you are invited into group mentorship as you:

~ Hone your intuitive development & find your gifts ~
~ Learn to read your own Akashic Records & connect with your Soul’s Purpose ~
~ Learn to read the Akashic Records & blueprint constellation of your business or idea ~
~ Discover how you are already, naturally fulfilling your purpose & how you can amplify your impact ~
~ Explore your values and how you experience joy ~
~ Choose your life path of fulfillment ~
~ Connect with your North Star in your life’s mission ~

This tier provides access to all course materials, weekly group sessions & guidance, Q&A sessions for deeper understanding and application, and a group forum for connection & growth. 

“Trust that these new opportunities have been divinely guided and are in line with your life purpose and soul mission.”
– angel number 1525


Everything in the group experience plus:
~ Two individual 90 minute sessions with Marie ~
~ 10 weeks of daily individual mentoring support through Voxer or WhatsApp ~ 
In your sessions, Marie will read your Akashic Records & intuitively workshop with you so that you are absolutely clear on your Soul’s Purpose and your path forward.

“Your spirit guides want you to connect with your soul’s purpose and are inspiring and guiding you into this connection.”
– angel number 3513

ready to get started?

If there is any work that will make your purpose real and actionable – this is it. This is where we bridge your soul’s purpose & intuition with tangible life work.

This is a powerful experience that can transform the way you live your life. If you feel the call, I hope to see you here.
Our next start date is February 2022. Register now or reach out with any questions.

If you’re on the fence or want to connect your mission to your life work, click the button below to reference Questions for Unlocking your Purpose and Developing your Personal Mission Statement.