Four Things you can do Right Now to Manifest your Dream Job

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Making your dream job a reality can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Here for four things that you can do TODAY to begin manifesting your dreams.

1. Get out of your own way

Most of us have a pretty good idea of what our dream job is — or at least what the thing is that we think we’d like to be doing.

Typically, we have a lofty, romanticized view of said thing, and because of that we immediately deem ourselves not-yet-qualified. Some of us go about getting qualified (and I’m willing to bet that ‘qualified’ is actually ‘over-qualified’ when all is said and done). And some of us continue with whatever we are currently doing, and hope that one day we will be ready.

Well let me tell you something — no amount of qualifications are going to make you feel ready for your dream gig. When we want something so badly that we dream about it, it can be really scary to take the steps we need to, to step into it. Why?

Because we might fail. Because the reality might not meet the expectations that we’ve created in our dreams. Because other people are doing it. Because we might not be good enough. Because [insert limiting believe or potential not-perfect outcome here].

And, you will never be ready for something until you dip your toes into it and see what you’re made of; to see what IT’S made of.

So, get out of your own way and begin taking the steps to manifest your dreams.

2. Beef up your LinkedIn and allow recruiters to find you

If there is a particular job title, job description, role or business that you are seeking to gain entry into, LinkedIn is your best friend.

  • Search your dream job title over multiple platforms
  • Pick the top 3 job descriptions that are screaming to you
  • NOTE the exact wording in those JDs for the responsibilities, qualifications and ideal candidates
  • Find where those overlap with your skills, experience and qualifications
  • Edit your skills, experience, and qualifications on LinkedIn using the exact wording
  • Enable LinkedIn to show recruiters that you are open to work, and ensure that your settings for job seeking are set the way you want them to be

Now, when recruiters are sourcing for a particular job title or description, you will be a match.

3. Revamp your resume to tell your compelling story

Before we focus on the story your resume tells, go back to step 2 and ensure that the skills, experience, and qualifications on your resume match your newly edited LinkedIn (i.e. they are targeting the exact roles that you are reaching toward). This is because many companies use automated systems for pulling applications/resumes that managers will review prior to setting up interviews. If your resume does not contain the proper keywords, skills, and attributes that match the job description, it probably will never make it to a recruiter or hiring manager.

Once your resume is targeted appropriately, you’ll want to review it to see what kind of story it’s telling, and what kind of story you want to be telling. This is the bait for your hiring manager.

Does your resume show vertical growth or progress over the years? Or, have you stayed lateral in level but generalized your skillset? Is there anything interesting about you that you can showcase through your resume and your previous work? Do you have unique skills and talents, or a unique set of experience that may provide you with a fresh perspective?

We want to pique the hiring manager’s interest either by making them feel that they know you and trust you, or by sparking curiosity to get to know you better. This is particularly key if you don’t quite meet all of the qualifications for the role, but you are confident in your ability to succeed within it.

If you can deliver your story well enough that a hiring manager is willing to reach out to you to learn more, then you can hook the manager by telling your unique and compelling story (showcasing your skills and learnings) through a conversation.

Just make sure that you’ve a good story to tell.

4. Reach out, authentically

This one makes people a little uncomfortable. But, we don’t grow by staying comfortable. And, the worst thing that can happen is that someone tells you ‘no’.

Once you’ve identified your dream job, edited your LinkedIn and Resume to target that job, and then crafted your compelling story, you are ready for the reach-out.

If the hiring manager or recruiter is listed on the job posting, reach out! But, do it authentically, keep it brief, and be respectful. Your goal is to set up some time for an informational or to learn more NOT to completely sell yourself or drown them in your desperation.

Do not send generic messages to everyone that you can find that works for the company or business. And do not solicit folks (that you don’t know) from the company/business to help you find a job. Especially when it’s obvious that you have a generic mail-to-all, it doesn’t feel very compelling for someone else to help.

Hopefully this write-up is helpful for you. Always happy to dive deeper together, so feel free to post your comments and questions or to reach out directly.

With Gratitude,



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