In order to be whole, you must surrender to the destruction of every single split away from your soul.

What’s that thing in your life that you avoid addressing and almost take for granted? That one thing that you are willing to let slide because everything else is coming together and working for you?

Is it your job?
Is it your partner?
Is it how you spend your money or what bills you subscribe to?
Is it your relationship with alcohol or substances, your addiction to junk food or junk tv?
Is it your birth control, or your need to control your body?
Is it your continued relationship with people who drain you? Your resistance to set distinct boundaries?
Is it your political stance, your unexamined or unquestioned beliefs?

Tell me, what’s the ONE thing that you brush under the rug for tomorrow, next week or next month?

And now tell me why. Why do you let this one thing go unexamined and continue to take a space in your life?

At one time, my one thing was my marriage. I was going through a spiritual rebirth in my yoga practice and while I was drawn to a particular training, I would literally say out loud to everyone (including my then-husband): I can’t do that training right now because I know that it will lead to a divorce.

Why? Because the training was all about getting into external alignment with internal self, RADICALLY. It was about questioning the areas where we express ourselves externally that do not originate from our SOUL.

The training wasn’t going to tell me what to believe, how to spend my money or what to eat. It certainly wasn’t going to tell me to get a divorce — but my soul was.

I wasn’t ready for that, because I already knew that my commitment to my then-husband didn’t originate from my soul. I knew that when I married him, I wasn’t listening to my intuition. I wasn’t in alignment or integration.

When we get a gut feeling and then choose to act against it (because we think we know better), we literally split into another reality. We then build that entire reality on a shaky foundation, riddled with whispers of self doubt, and glued by logical justification. And whether it be for one day or for fifty years that we live in this split-reality, the moment we discover truth — it all comes crumbling down. Because it has to. This is a tower moment.

In order to be integrated/whole, you must surrender to the destruction of every single split away from your soul. Even, and especially those things that you sweep under the rug for another day. Because it’s those things that open us the deepest. It’s those things that give us the most space to grow.

So tell me, what’s the ONE thing that you avoid to question in your life? What can you do so that you get curious and compassionate about why?



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