Psychic Business Readings

You are not your business or your job. But it is your job (i.e. responsibility) to bring your work to life the way it is meant to be birthed onto this planet.

Businesses, buildings, objects, products, offerings, teams & even ideas have souls. And, we can ask them directly how they want to be brought forward, what’s coming down the line, and what’s in need of change.

In a business reading, we connect directly with the soul of your business, asking “what would you have me know?”.

We’ve learned all sorts of things, such as:

  • the services that are being called to deliver
  • the products and solutions being called to birth
  • the KPIs and measurements of success
  • when it’s a time to take a break
  • when it’s a time to go really hard
  • that perhaps hiring a team is in order
  • the pricing to bring forward for services & products
  • when things are shifting, and how to work through the shift with comfort and awareness
  • when it’s time to move on

& the list goes on.

There is always an answer, and because it’s not about the owner/founder, CEO, board, decision maker, or managing team, the answer is not always what would be expected.

It comes down to the fact that these souls come to us with so much more than what we may see on the surface.

If we can step aside and get quiet enough to listen, we can choose the work that is aligned with who we are, while we exponentially increase the impact of what we are bringing forward on this planet.

This is co-creation with spirit at its finest.

And this is how we create magic through businesses and corporations.

If you are a business owner, decision maker, start-up founder, or entrepreneur — let’s talk.

with gratitude,



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