current container: psychic development

Creating containers and holding space for community development is part of TCP’s dedication to soul-level growth and expansion for all beings, so that we might all experience the wisdom within. Containers rotate and range from psychic to career development and are all rooted in applicable learnings. Sign-ups are available for the full series or to drop in to individual sessions. 

Psychic honing & Development Container

we are all psychic – we all have access to our own soul knowing. 

However, honing in and developing this intuition to reliability is not always straightforward. This 20 week series is co-created to share real talk, tangible practice and application for anyone looking to hone their intuition and dive into their own magic and psychic gifts. 

This is not a traditional psychic development course. The intended outcome is to hold space for psychic growth and development through the sharing of psychic experiences, gifts and connection. This isn’t about ethereal discussion about gifts or theory, but about tangible application for everyone.

  • Astrology
  • Tarot readings
  • Psychic
  • Mediumship
  • Healing
  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Akashic Records
  • Soul Alchemy
  • Soul Expansion
  • Psychic in the Real World
  • Practicing with Integrity and Ethics
  • Meditation, and more
  • We will connect weekly for 60-90 minutes in discussion, story, or lesson.
  • 8+ different speakers will join us, sharing their stories, crafts and personal development.
  • There will be a gathering space (forum) for questions and continued discussion outside of live sessions. 
  • Documented resources in psychic development practices will be shared & available to you & all live sessions will be recorded for you to keep for life.

In co-creation of this container, there will be a limited number of seats & an application for full-series sign up will be required. 

Container Pricing (full 20 week series):

  • EB pricing is $1100 (less than $60/week)
  • Regular pricing is $1880 (less than $100/week)

TCP will give 7-9 seats for free. 

If there are available seats once the container has begun, individual drop-ins for weekly sessions will be posted at $180 per drop-in. 

Stay tuned for detailed session information and speaker announcements.


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