Purpose Driven Team Offsite Retreat

The difference between an average team and a high-performing team is in the depth of connection each team member has to themselves, each other, and the team’s mission. If you want to turn your average (or even dysfunctional) team into a high-performing one, then the contents of this retreat is fundamental. 

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This corporate retreat is designed to discover your business or team’s mission inclusive of how each individual is essential to fulfilling your mission through their own unique life purpose

This is a retreat that will naturally 

~ uncover the core of what makes your team and business productive and successful ~
~ integrate extensive personal development with team mission and objectives ~
~ catalyze deep team building through authentic connection, sharing, and being seen ~

This is an experience that will bring every single person on your team into alignment with their purpose, leaving them with a connection to your team, work and mission like never before. This is the making of your true dream team.

Sample Curriculum

Breaking Down the Team

Full day of diving deep into team purpose, dynamics, goals and objectives

There will be lots of breaks and nourishing foods (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and beverages)

Individual Working Sessions

  • Individual 1:1 working sessions 
  • 1:1 with lead decision maker for a business reading and purpose workshop
  • Free time and natural team bonding
  • Nourishing team breakfasts and dinners both evenings

Bringing it all Together

Full day together as a team with sharing, finalized build out of team mission (+ how and what) and each individual’s essential contribution.

There will be lots of breaks and nourishing foods

Team Walking Deck with mission, how, and what

Base investment for MG is $4,440 per day, inclusive of 8 people ($17,760 for 4 days)

  • Additional $1050 per person attending (after 8 people)
  • Travel + Accommodation & Expenses 

Option 1: Marie joins an existing offsite location and plan (no charge other than what’s above)

Option 2: Marie plans everything (location, accommodations, food, meeting rooms, etc) ($5,550 + expenses)



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