Resume + Interview Prep

You fit into the scheme. You’re worthy of what you want. And, you can land your dream opportunity. Consider this 90 minute session the first step to bringing your career dreams to life.

Want to know a little more?

Think of this session as the first step to launching into your dream career. As someone who has been on both sides of hiring and interviewing (many times), I’ve learned that telling a good story gets you an interview. And if you can expand on that story with real-life examples and learnings to demonstrate your authenticity and skill, very likely it will get you the job.

Once you book your session, you’ll receive an automated email with a few pre-work assignments:

Then, we will get together in a working session. In this 90 minute session, we will boldly reach for YOUR dreams by:

  • crafting the authentic, interview-winning story of who you are and where you are going (one that resonates so deeply with you that it naturally becomes part of your dialog). This includes your pitch, introductory email, and role-informational practice.
  • editing your resume and LinkedIn to reflect who you want to be
  • real-time coaching for and beyond the application & interview
  • real-time job search and applications (if needed)
  • lots of deep discussion to create the most clarity in your work and search

Finally, we will cover industry standard salary requirements in your field and role of choice, and practice asking for what we deserve.

I have been the hiring decision maker for teams both small (1-5 people) and large (1000+ people) for myself and others. In this, I’ve had the opportunity to work with all sorts of people from sourcing, recruiting, to hiring managers with various experience, requirements, and cultures. I’ve worked with stakeholders who were brand new at hiring and those who have loads of experience. Through this, I’ve built up a knowledge base in the tactics for what works (and doesn’t) to land the job. 

While a recruiter may be the person who you are working with throughout your interview experience, it’s not the recruiter who has the decision making power, or sometimes even the bigger picture of what’s required behind the scenes. I can share this experience with you. 

Meanwhile, I’ve tested these tactics over the years in my own career experimentation and journey. And, I’m kind of a pro at getting jobs and growing my experience and responsibility. Peep my LinkedIn, and all the jobs that are not on my LinkedIn

With all of my experience, I am an open book and will bare all deets (within my current company policy) from sourcing, recruiting, job transfers, hiring, salary expectations, and beyond. 

I see this session as the launch pad for your dreams, and I take that very seriously. You’ll leave this session with everything that you need to take the leap into your next big career opportunity.

Do I need to have a working resume? 

  • Not necessarily. Not every industry requires a full and working resume. However, I would advise coming with some form of written experience of your work/passions/projects.

Do I need to have an interview lined up?

  • You don’t have to have an interview lined up for this session to be beneficial. But, you should have an idea of what you are reaching toward (highlighting a role or a job description or a field where you want to land within). 

What if I don’t know my dream job title? 

  • That’s okay! We can find, or create one, together. 

What if I don’t have the experience required? 

  • And, you don’t have to have any hard experience at all. All you have to do is show up. We will start the work together.

Big thanks to my own mentors who supported me along the development of this process. Many tips that I share are a mixture of their greatness. Shoutout to Christina Morillo for LinkedIn and resume hacks, Diana Godfrey for clear resume storytelling, Lisa Guthrie for never ending understanding and encouragement, and Craig Osborne for boosting my confidence big time. 


Invest in your dreams with this 90-minute session and work one on one with someone who has been accountable for hiring 100s of people, and who has landed multiple dream job offers herself. Trust me – you need this more than you think you do.

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