Spiritual + Career Coaching


This is an anything-goes, no-topic-is-off-the-table coaching experience. The purpose is to support you in your own spiritual practice(s), psychic development, and integration into your everyday life and work. A core component in my coaching is to inspire your soul to shine in all aspects of life. 

Common Themes and Topics

Including but not exclusive to:

~ Reading your own Akashic Records and/or reading for other people ~
~ Tarot mentorship and methodology ~
~ Psychic & intuitive development ~
~ Yoga/spiritual teacher mentoring ~
~ Spiritual Business Coaching ~
~ Developing a home practice ~
~ Integrating spiritual self into everyday life ~

Often when we discover new and core components of our selves, or realize values that we didn’t know we aspired to, we have an internal crisis of what feels like multiple identities.  As we peel back the onion of who we are, it can be challenging to share what we’ve found with our friends, family and community. 

I’m here to help you both peel back the onion, and love, accept and express whatever it is that you find.


When you feel ready to meet yourself in your practice, book a session.

*Pro-rated rates are $111 and $222 until November

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