Tarot Card Readings

A tarot reading is a tangible way to connect with spirit. The cards are material – you can see and hold them. And yet, as my mentor likes to say, the cards don’t lie.

Want to know a little more?

When we connect for a tarot reading you may come with a question or a situation in mind. Whether you share this with me or not, your guides will ensure that what you need to hear will come through.

That being said, I will always first start by asking you if there is anything top of mind that you’d like an answer for, or that you’d like to share. Unlike in my coaching sessions, I will not offer any advice or guidance based on my experience – I will simply let the cards do the talking.

Typically, I do a 6 card semi-traditional pull, but depending on where we feel guided, we may completely switch it up. As a disclaimer, I read in a mixture of meanings derived from my teachers Maria Hanselmann and Lindsay Mack, from a bit of research and from intuition. I will often call in your guides for additional information or meaning. Therefore – not every card is going to mean the same exact thing with every pull. However, I do believe that the root of the cards must be applicable to all beings, or they must not be applicable at all.

All things considered, and as with any reading or coaching session: you are your greatest guide. So above all else, trust your intuition.

Just show up and come exactly as you are.

Standard Pricing is $150 per 45 minute reading. $175 for a full hour. Select this option only if you have specific or foresee having additional questions beyond the standard readings. In this, we can pull cards around you questions or to dig deeper into the spread that comes up.

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