The 5 of Cups & Riding the Waves of Grief

Grief is not linear. If you have experienced it, you know this. Grief comes in waves. It taps us on the shoulder in the middle of a coffee shop, or a date with someone new. It wakes us in the middle of the night, asking to be held. And it follows us, grabbing our hand in our most awe-filled, pleasure steeped moments. Grief is always with us, mostly in the background unnoticed. Yet, it knows how and when to come forward to grab our attention. Grief is not something to avoid, repress, or lessen. It is to be invited into our home, to share a seat at our table, to offer a cup of tea. When we call grief in, we open ourselves and our lives to a richness and an expanded ability to receive goodness.

The 5 of Cups is beautifully representative of this experience. In this card, there are 3 cups spilling out, upside down and empty. Eyes weep at the lost contents. And yet, there are 2 cups still standing, still full, still ready to provide.

When grief is present and it is ignored, or when the focus is on only what has been lost – we are incapable to receive what is – what is present, what is willing, what is better than.

In order to make space for what is – in order to be available to what is presenting itself to us, we must mourn.

Now, the 5 of Cups is absolutely not an indicator that something bad is going to happen, or that there is anything going on around you in this moment that you are being called to grieve. In fact, it’s more about the experience of grief and mourning, that is it an indication for what is to come, or what is around you (internal vs external).

The truth is, we all hold pockets of grief in our beings and when the 5 of Cups comes around, there is a potent invitation to make space at our table for this grief. It’s okay, it’s safe to acknowledge where grief is present, where sadness or even despair may be present. And in calling forward our grief, in mourning with it, we make energetic (but sometimes even material) space for receiving the goodness that is knocking on our door.

Because there is goodness knocking your door right now. And in order to receive it, you are being called to bow to your grief. To thank it for coming. To hear it out. To build a new relationship with it. To radically, to unapologetically open yourself to it.

If you are mourning a missed opportunity, if you feel that you don’t quite have what you need to get where you want to go, if you are spinning your wheels or draining your energy focusing on what is not present, I invite you to allow yourself to mourn whatever is not. I invite you to hold space in your heart for whatever is. And I invite you to practice strong energetic boundaries, so that you may allow yourself to

f e e l i t a l l .

The song I feel it all by Feist, might even be a supporter to call in during this time. Even if it doesn’t make sense. Even if you aren’t sure what’s asking to be grieved.

And of course, should you want additional support – I am always in your corner. Reach out directly to schedule a reading or a 1:1 session. Fill out the form on the bookings page and my team or I will be in touch.

Big love,



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