The 8 of Pentacles and The High Priestess: Momentum in the Work of your Soul

There are no shortcuts to the life of your dreams, but there are quantum leaps, collapsed timelines, possibilities that you have never imagined available to you when you show up in your work.

February brought the Page of Swords + the Ace of Pentacles. In short, it said that even if you are just getting started, what you have to bring to the table matters. The Ace of Pentacles was a green light for bringing forward whatever work you want to bring into the world, knowing that with hard work and effort, your dreams will come to fruition. I read that February was a really, really good time to put pen to paper and bring to life whatever had been circulating in your mind.

Moving into March, the 8 of Pentacles comes forth with the High Priestess by its side. This is a beautiful combination and it makes perfect sense in that March is the only month of 2022 where we have ZERO major planets in retrograde. Which, astrologically (and I’m not an astrologer mind you) brings a potent time for easy-feeling momentum.

If you didn’t start your thing in February, now (like today) is a GREAT time to start your thing, to get into motion. Specifically to dive into the thing that your intuition or your soul calls for you to bring onto the planet (hello High Priestess). If you don’t know what that thing is, now is a great time to do the deep inner work to get to know what it is that your soul wants you to bring to the planet at all. Because, the 8 of Pentacles is very much a card of true productivity — real productivity, aka moving the needle where it matters. Even if it doesn’t make sense. And this signifies a time where you are invited to get deep into the work, without it feeling very much like work at all.

This could be career work, if your career is meaningful. This could be home-work, farm work, creative work. This could be your business if it’s in alignment with you. It could be your parenting. Whatever it is, it’s an opportunity to tap into your intuition and capitalize on your long-term goals to make real progress toward them. The 8 of Pentacles in general is very much a soul mastery card, it’s representative of the fruits of our labor when we show up in integrity, over and over and over again, specifically the mastery of our craft that comes from it. It represents the nitty gritty moments that we flow through in life but then look back on with such pride and honor at our dedication. The High Priestess is a major arcana card and it represents tapping into intuition, a change in frequency (traditionally) where the veil is thin for us. It’s a MASSIVE soul expansion card. It can even be an invitation card to explore your intuition or to come into your soul work.

Now, when I first saw these two cards together, my thought was: OH, this is a time of FLOW. A time when you are SO in flow that your being and your work represents almost a stream of consciousness from your intuition.

The funny thing about this is that sometimes we can be so in flow that we don’t realize how connected we actually are. It’s a weird thing to be so connected that we don’t recognize it, and also it’s a beautiful thing. Because it means that we are truly in the work — heads down, focused, eyes on our own paper.

I say this because oftentimes when we see the high priestess, we either are in the process of trying to connect with intuition (spirit, god, universe, our own knowing, etc.) that we don’t feel like it’s working, or we really do feel like it’s working. But, in the pairing with the 8 of P, I want to emphasize that you are.

You are always connected to your intuition.

It hasn’t gone anywhere and it isn’t going anywhere. Being in your work is very much connecting with the divine and divine energy.

So, if you find yourself in moments of worry, moments of headiness, moments of deciphering or forcing the HOW of your WHAT (of your goals), then come back to the work itself. Let go of trying to understand how everything fits together, let go of worrying about where you are going. And take note of what feels really easy and natural for you this month. Come back to it later in the year when things don’t feel so smooth moving. When you forget why you are here, when you forget, again, where you are going. The work will take you there. The work will also bring you back to yourself. Remember, the story doesn’t always make sense until the end — especially when it’s a good one.

AND, while the work might feel normal and everyday to you, the outcomes can be epically beyond your wildest dreams if you don’t constrain yourself with the results and if you allow yourself to flow through the work where it feels good and easy. When you show up in your work, consistently, with dedication and an open mind — you will always surpass the limits you set for yourself. But if you are only focused on the outcome itself, on the end goal itself — you might just meet them.

For inspiration as you make your own way, listen to my story on The Spiritual 9–5 Podcast, here: Tarot, Quantum Leaps, Money, Microsoft, & the Corporate Psychic: Getting Out of the Story and Into the Work with the 8 of Pentacles



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