The Truth about Change

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Sometimes we are afraid to look deeply into ourselves, not because we are afraid of what we will find. The reality is that we already have a pretty good idea of what we will find.

Sometimes we are afraid to look deeply into ourselves, because we are afraid of the change that we think we will have to make, when we see what’s within us.

You see, we aren’t afraid of truth.

We are afraid of change.

And once you see the truth, you can’t un-see it. Which means, you have to do something about it, right?? (hint: not exactly)

I want to tell you a secret — something that shouldn’t be secret, at all:

Truth does not equate to change.

Knowing the truth will change us, yes. And, everything that we know will change too. But, we don’t have to choose.

We don’t have to quit our jobs.
We don’t have to leave our marriage or relationship.
We don’t have to go live in solitude, suddenly practice ritual every morning, build a wall between what we think we found and denounce our old way of living.

We don’t have to suddenly take responsibility for every aspect of our life and make hard decisions about each thing. Truth is not a mid-life crisis. We don’t have to make it so hard on ourselves.

Truth does not tell us what to do with it. It does not tell us what to believe or how to live. There are no ‘shoulds’ or ‘need-tos’ in truth.

Look deeper.

Truth brings an invitation to just be with it. Can we just be with it?

This work will never tell you to change. Rapid, self-induced or decided change, is sometimes a distraction from whatever actually is. Real and true change, comes by being with what is.

Truth, is what is.

What is your truth? What is within you, today?

If this resonates with you or if you feel triggered by this message, I invite you to work with me through mentorship, coaching, or a reading.

Experience the wisdom within and meet yourself in truth.

With love and gratitude always,



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