Think Corporations Are Soul-Sucking Machines? Think Again.

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We often say that the corporate world sucks the soul out of individual beings.

But did you know that corporations, businesses, buildings, and even ideas have souls themselves?

I believe that they do. As souls, they have ways that they wish to be birthed into the world. And similar to each of us, there are paths and lessons to be learned along the way.

But unlike us, corporations don’t have free will. Corporations have individual beings who build and create and grow and destroy them as they are brought into the world we live in. Individuals, with their own individual interests and goals and financials at stake.

That’s why I do readings for The Corporate Psychic. I literally ask it — What would you have me know? How would you like to be born? What’s coming down the pipe and how are we shifting?

It may sound crazy, but it’s my way of honoring this soul as it would like to exist, as well as co-creating a business that is based in integrity and that goes beyond my own personal goals and priorities. Because it’s bigger than me, and yet I am an integral part of it — so we must work together for it to breathe in authenticity. And as people join the team, it will grow and change and morph all over again.

Remember, it’s the individuals who lead & make up the organization that are responsible for its co-creation and development. If you feel that your soul is being sucked out of you by the company that you work for — look to the people who are leading it. Look to your coworkers and to yourself. Ask how you can contribute, co-create, and lead in a space that can breathe again. Because if you feel that your soul is leaving your body by being there, I promise you that you are not alone.

With love and gratitude always,



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