Transitions + October Masterclass: The Inbetween

Transitionary periods are not talked about enough. 

The unknown is romanticized, but the feeling of being in it (if not positive) is not normalized enough. 

When we say yes to a desire, an internal process kicks off that is very much felt, but not yet seen. The external manifestation of that desire is typically not available right away, and the uncertainty of when and how it will arrive can be painful. 

Sometimes, we don’t even know where we are going. It can be beautiful, exciting, and uncomfortable as fuck. 

This is why I’m offering a free masterclass, The Inbetween , on October 4th, 2022. It’s about leading ourselves through transformation, when we know things are changing but we aren’t sure how it will all pan out yet. 

The replay will live in the community (TCP Community & Courses), and memebership is free.

Hope you ‘see’ you live or in the replay.

Big love,



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