Two of Swords — Awakening Your Desires

Stay guarded. This is a time of introspection, getting acquainted with what life looks like without the commentary of others. Even positive feedback at this stage is not helpful. You need silence in your thoughts. You are about to build something from the deep wells of your communion with spirit. Imagine yourself with a blindfold on. Without the rest of the world looking upon you, what is it that you truly desire?
— Spirit Speak, Tarot Guide

I first pulled the two of swords when I was at the entrance to the depths of my latest and deepest spiritual awakening. I didn’t know it yet, but this was the beginning of The Corporate Psychic, itself. This was my invitation to go deep, to come home to truth, to build.

Traditionally, the twos of the Tarot are about decisions — to do this or that (swords), to love or pull back (cups), to wait or go forward (wands), to prioritize what is most important (pentacles).

The two of swords may be based in decision. However, it is not necessarily a choice on paper for which we may be receiving guidance. As in any great awakening, it comes back to us:

Do we choose ourselves & listen to our deepest desires, or do we choose what we believe is being dealt to us by the world and those in it?

If you are struggling with a decision and you pull the two of swords, my guidance to you is from Glennon Doyle: Close your eyes. Imagine the truest, most beautiful life for yourself.

If imagining your truest, most beautiful life is not accessible to you in this moment — that’s okay. It takes time to develop the inner trust and opening required to dream big. If this is you, pick the thing that feels more difficult. Not the thing with the more difficult path, the thing that feels scarier to commit to, right now. The thing that you aren’t ready to tell your friends or your family about. The thing that feels like it might break your entire life open (it won’t actually break your entire life open by the way — at least not in the way that you think it will). Pick that thing and allow yourself to open to it. Imagine it. Meet it in your daydreams, night dreams, recurring thoughts, and in your actions.

Don’t share it with anyone else (yet), and see where it takes you.

The two of swords is a beautiful invitation, and when accepted, will lead you to the life and creation of your deepest desires.

If you’d like to explore your decisions together through a reading or session, book here or reach out for an e-reading.

Big love,

*Glennon Doyle guidance from her book, Untamed.



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