When to Quit Your Job is Not the Right Question

Years ago, I read this book called, When to Jump by Michael Lewis. In transparency, I read it because I was trying to figure out how to leave my job.

I just knew that the work that I was doing wasn’t it. And, I was desperate to figure out what it was. I was desperate to figure out how I would get to the next thing, what the next thing even was for me. And I didn’t know what it was but I was kind of fixated on leaving my job (as if that was the answer).

So often we are sold this narrative of “you can just quit.” You can just quit and you’ll figure it out. You can just quit and you’ll lean into the work that your heart is calling to you. You can just quit and you’ll build that business, you’ll make a million dollars. All of your dreams will come true. “Just quit your job if you are unhappy.”

But here’s the thing. I didn’t want to quit my 6-figure job to bartend part time or walk someone else’s dogs or scramble when it came to making my monthly mortgage payment. Because yes I could totally figure it out for myself and yes I would totally have my back. But no, I did not want to say goodbye to a pretty freaking good deal to then take the time and try to figure out what the heck I wanted to do with my life. That just didn’t feel good to me (at the time).

I grew up not-wealthy. I lived in a trailer for a hot minute. The moment I could get a job in high school, I did – so that I could buy the clothes I wanted to buy. So that I had the freedom of choice that comes with money. So that I didn’t feel nervous or uncomfortable walking into a room full of people with stable families who could afford simple luxuries and anything beyond necessities.

When I went to college, I worked 4 jobs so that I could pay my rent. I graduated with massive student loans and I got a bomb-ass job at a top 5 tech company coming out of my masters (I’m simplifying my story here). I was not about to throw all of that away because of a feeling that I was having.

We are greater than our feelings. We are.

And. I didn’t want to quit my job and then move to a third world country with a lower cost of living and mask it in “I’m living the life of my dreams” when actually I would have been compromising on my dreams, just in a different way (in a tropical paradise that looks really fun and cool on instagram, kind of way).

And I’m not discounting this strategy by the way. For reference, I go to third world countries on every single trip that I take. I’m a surfer. I’m a dirty, hippy surfer. I can live on $3 a day eating tacos and drinking beers and literally camping on a beach while surfing until my arms are totally noodles for the rest of my life and I would die happy. I could do that. And I would love to – with enough money in my bank account to comfortably fly home to see my family, my parents who I love, who are not going to be around forever.

And I’m gonna be real. I want enough money to fly anywhere around the world whenever I want to. I want to know that when I book an economy plane ticket, I’m doing it because I choose to, not because I can’t afford first class.

I want full freedom of choice, of time, and I don’t want to compromise in the meantime with anything less than what I want – while I’m building my business. I did this heads-down, dedication to my dreams approach already – this is how I got to Microsoft. This is how I got to where I am in my current career here (not that I’m like, CEO of MSFT btw).

And so when I felt like leaving my job. When I felt like it wasn’t working for me, but I didn’t know what could work for me. I was pretty hellbent on figuring out what would work for me, while I stayed in my cushy 6-figure salary.

You see, I didn’t want to say “fuck it” and step out of my career. I wanted my departure to be intentional. And intentional is a different feeling than “Fuck it. I’m going to do what I want.” (especially when you don’t even know what you truly want).

As a coach, I 100% think and know and believe that absolutely anything is possible for you. Whatever you want. I believe that if you quit your job tomorrow and really lean into your work, that no matter what happens you will have your back and you will absolutely make every cent of that million dollars (or however much money) that you are reaching for, that you are dreaming of. I also believe that it will be in perfectly aligned timing

AND as a spiritual coach, intuitive coach, spiritual reader – I believe in manifestation. I believe that we call in the things that we want and desire. I believe that we match the energy of where we want to go and that that collapses timelines and brings us to our dream state sooner, because we are already a match for the reality that we seek.

AND, as a human being, I very much believe in the material and real nature of the world that we live in. I believe in tangible, felt and seen work, I believe in actions, I believe in strategy and planning. I believe in actually doing the work that we wish to see and experience, that will get us to the dream state. I believe in making and finding the evidence of what we want and need so that we can allow our dreams to become reality. I believe in taking aligned action with consistency and dedication (as a major part of) bringing our dreams to fruition.

And I don’t believe that things just happen for us out of nowhere overnight. I believe that the majority of things that do come to us, that work for and with us, come as a result of the magic that happens when the real and material actions meet with the energetic frequency that we are holding.

And because of that, I will never be one that says “just leave your job.” I will always be in your corner to support you however you most need it. And if you quit your job and go all in on you – amazing. And if you dont – it doesn’t mean that you aren’t going all in on yourself. Not quitting your job is also amazing.

I will be here to support you no matter what path you go down. And there are 100,000 paths to choose from. Whether that’s building your business while you are in your 9-5, whether that’s figuring out who you are while you are in your 9-5.

Or whether that is leave your 9-5, move to a cheaper region, rent your house out so that you have some income – while you lean into your work, explore your being and existence, and amplify your impact on the world. I’m here for it all of it.

And I’m here, as a coach to strategize and figure out what the best variation is for you. Not just how you will get there. Because the ‘how’ is actually easy. The how takes care of itself (if we let it).

The ‘what’, is more important.

What is it, exactly, that you want?

It’s bigger than to quit or not to quit.

Be really specific. what is the exact variation of your dream life? What do you see yourself doing on a daily basis? Not even work related. Where are you? What are you eating? How are you feeling? What do you do in your leisure? How much leisure do you have? And, be honest – some of you really enjoy working so own that. And some of you require more down time. Let’s be honest with ourselves first about these things.

What are your dreams?

I’m here to encourage you to think bigger and look bigger than even this. Let go of the job title or the descriptions of what people do, that you know.

You don’t have to be a coach or a yoga teacher or an online fitness instructor with an app to quit your job and sustain yourself. You don’t have to be a healer or a reader or a reiki practitioner.

You don’t have to be anything that already exists on the planet right now with a known title. And actually, I repeat, don’t look to other people or examples to figure out what you want to do – just get clear on what you want to do.

And by that, I mean the exact variation of the thing you want to be doing. hold that in your heart above all else.

And stop focusing on what’s possible. Stop focusing on what’s attainable. Focus on what you really want.

So when you ask me, should I quit my job or not? My question back to you is – what do you want? Forget about your job and your career.

What do you WANT to be doing in the day-to-day of your life? Let’s get clear on that, and then decide.

And if you are, by the way – starting your own business, holding your own business or body of work (namely work that you know you are doing but you don’t know what it’s called or how to bring it to the world and make money), please sign up for The Quantum Leap. It’s a 4 week series that I am hosting during my last 4 weeks at Microsoft, where I will be sharing with you everything that I have learned and considered as I built my business, The Corporate Psychic from inception, to side hustle, to multi-6 figure year, including sustainability, integrity, and the exit of my own 9-5 career. It will be hosted from June 7 to July 7, and all of the recordings and materials will be organized in a course for you to keep for the next full year. (or you can download it and keep it forever).

You don’t have to know if you are quitting your job or not. Again, that’s not the right question. But you may want to get really clear on what it is that you want, and I would love to be there in support and to help.



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