You Don’t Have to Quit Your 9–5 to be Spiritual, Creative, or Free

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When you begin to dip your toes in the spiritual world, entrepreneurship, travel, art, [insert most anything creative], you are introduced to a rebellion of the 9–5, of working for the man, of the corporate world.

When people start to tell you to live your truth, what they often mean is “get out of the rat race and do your own thing.” There is so much potential and abundance being thrown around for what’s possible if you just find your truth and live it (aka monetize it).

I’m not saying that that’s wrong. It isn’t. But I would like to add:

  • It’s not wrong to work for someone else.
  • You are not a sheep if you work a 9–5.
  • There’s nothing wrong with you if you aren’t actively trying to start your own business or work freelance for a more flexible life.
  • There is SO MUCH ROOM for the spiritual in the workplace.

Want to know what gives you a flexible life?


Want to know what makes you free?

Addressing the conflict in your heart about what you want to be doing and what you think you should be doing.

Eradicate that conflict and you will be free.

There is nothing that says that you are not living in your truth if you do not own your own business. In fact, there is so much honor in bringing your truth into your workplace. There is so much honor in bringing your medicine to the 9–5. There is so much honor in standing in your truth in the world you currently occupy.

You know what else is honorable? Working to pay for the life that you want to create. Working to feed the mouths that rely on you. Working to create a better life for your children, for your family, for yourself.

There is nothing wrong with a 9–5.

When you are standing in the truth of yourself (not selling the idea of it, not giving it away to others, but standing in it) you know what you need to do to stay in it. And you know that it’s not about whether or not you work a 9–5. It’s not about what you share, how many rituals a day you do, who you work for, or that you work for yourself.

You don’t have to quit your 9–5 to be connected with spirit, to live and exude a spiritual life, a robust life, a true life. You just have to know yourself, and embody that.

Who we are is so much deeper than anything outside of us. And there is nothing outside of us that is going to bridge the knowing that we find when we go in.

You don’t have to be devoted to anything outside of you to live a true, fruitful, creative, free, and spiritual life. You don’t have to be devoted to anything outside of you to live the life that you dream of.



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